Practice Areas

We offer legal advice in the following areas: Commercial Law, Personal Injuries, Medical Negligence, Criminal Law, Licensing, Defamation, Conveyancing and Land Law

Criminal Law

John P. O'Donohoe represents clients in criminal matters on an almost daily basis.


The most common reasons why people come before the criminal courts are:

- breaches of the peace;

- drunken driving;

- no insurance or car tax;

- assault

Our firm deals with all types of criminal matters, from road traffic offences and drunken driving, to other more serious matters.


We practice in the District Court, Circuit Court, Court of Criminal Appeal, Central Criminal Court, Special Criminal Court and Supreme Court.


John P. O'Donohoe Solicitors have many years experience in dealing with conveyancing and we are always available to discuss and advise in this area.


​A conveyance is an exacting and demanding process and should only be done by those qualified to do so.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, or  a commercial proprty, our conveyancing team is equipped to provide a full range of services to meet your needs.  

Medical Negligence

​If a doctor, nurse, consultant, hospital, or other healthcare professional is negligent in the course of your treatment or diagnosis and you suffer an injury as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.


A healthcare professional is not negligent merely because a decision that they took turned out to be wrong. In order to obtain compensation for medical negligence, a person has to prove that the healthcare professional acted below the standard of a reasonably skilled and careful professional.​


At John P. O'Donohoe, we have a dedicated medical negligence team, who can assess your case and advise whether you have a potential claim.

Personal Injuries

At John P. O'Donohoe, we realise that all injuries are personal.

Our firm is one of Wateford's top personal injury law firms, dedicated to providing assertive legal services to our clients and their families who have suffered serious personal injuries.

At John P. O'Donohoe, we guide our clients through the entire process of obtaining compensation for personal injuries. Our staff genuinely care about the individuals who entrust their cases to us.



The law requires a person/company to have a licence if they wish to sell, supply or allow  intoxicating liquor such as spirits, beers (including porters & stouts), wines, ciders and homemade wine and any other fermented, or distilled  liquor, to be consumed on their premises.

A licence is obtained by way of an application to the Circuit Court. Once there is compliance with the requirements set out in legislation and an Order is granted by the Court,  the Revenue Commissioners will issue your Intoxicating Liquor Licence.

At John P. O'DOnohoe, we can guide you through the liquor licensing code and ensure that you have the correct licence for your business.


Your reputation is one of the most important things that you have. If someone says, or writes something about you which damages  your reputation, you may be entitled to compensation.

Defamation law is highly complex and technical. If you have been defamed, it is crucial that you act fast and comply with

the provisions of the Defamation Act, 2009.

John P. O'Donhoe has represented clients in high profile defamation actions.


We have an experienced defamation team who can advise on all aspects of defamation and litigation.